Safety Reminders

For Players' safety and enjoyment all players must be aged 7 years or above to play Lazer Blaze and must wear Joggers or Sneakers, no other footwear is acceptable.

Lockout Party

A lock-out party is priced at normal lock-out rates for 2 or 4 games only and then an extra $8/person for the following Ultimate Party Extras:

  • Domino's Pizzas to share
  • One 450ml drink for each person
  • Lazer Blaze Party bag for each person
  • Use of a Party Table for duration


Lockouts Off-Peak Holidays Peak
2 Games $380 $440 $490
4 Games $760 $880 $980
Off-Peak Holidays Peak
Monday to Friday (All Day) (Not on School or Public Holidays) Monday to Friday 9am ‘til 6pm on School & Public Holidays Saturday & Sunday before 7pm
Sunday after 7pm Still Off-Peak after 6pm on Holidays  
  • Each game can accommodate up to 40 people.
  • Each game takes 20minutes and includes 14 minutes playing time.
  • A 50% deposit is required for all Lockout Bookings at the time of making your booking.  If you cancel or move your booking with less than 21 days notice your deposit will not be refunded.
  • At Lazer Blaze Malaga we can accommodate up to 60 people in each game.  You can use these extra places for $4/pack/game. (For example: If you have 45 people in your group.  You would pay an extra $20/game to use the extra 5 packs for your lockout.) These extra places are only available at the Malaga store.

Additional Notes

A 50% deposit of the lock-out rate is required to make this booking and is not refundable should you cancel or move your booking with less than 21 days notice.