Player's Corner

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar keeps you up-to-date with Special Events and Members' Discounts on offer at Lazer Blaze-WA each month. Make sure you check it each month for your up-to-date info.

Tips & Tricks

So you enjoy Lazer Blaze, but now you want to take it up a notch. Or are you sick of getting mediocre scores. Well you've come to the right place. Here are a few tips from veteran players and staff that are sure to impress the rest of the players in the foyer when you compare scorecards after your game.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself a Membership. This gets you discounts on games plus heaps of other benefits. All good Lazer Blaze players have memberships (its the cheapest way to play games - great for extra practice). Make sure you choose an alias that will strike fear into the hearts of your opposition, something like "THRAXIS" or "Dark Thief" is good. Something like "Fluffy Bunny" not so good, but still fun.

Lazer Blaze is like anything - you get better with practice. So if you want to be the best then practise, practise and more practise!

Here are some general tips and tricks to get you started on being a great player!

  • Talk to other members. Most good players are willing to share tips & tricks.
  • Talk to staff. They always know how the game arena and the packs work.
  • Learn the timing of the packs. Know when you or an opposition player is about to reactivate.
  • Watch good players and then imitate their "moves".
  • Make sure you AND all your team mates destroy all available bases.
  • Don't be afraid to move about in the game arena. You need to be in the action to get points.
  • Don't be afraid to get de-activated, sometimes it's neccessary.
  • Become familiar with the maze. You won't get many points if your lost.
  • Play against players that are better than you. You can't get better by playing "bunny" players.
  • Make friends with other members. Join our Players Facebook Group to talk to ther Members, make new friends and seek advice.

Maze Maps

If you don't know the layout of the maze like the back of your hand, here's the place you want to be! You can study the maps, print them out, draw tactics on them, and be able to find your way around during the game.

Game Formats

Mission Name Level
Capture the Flag Expert
Dead Aim Advanced
DM Advanced
Fugitive Intermediate
Gladiator Intermediate
Highlander Intermediate
Individual Beginner
Masters Intermediate
Partners Beginner
Photon Emulation Intermediate
Shadows Intermediate
Space Marines 4 Advanced
Space Marines 5 Expert
Supercharge (individual) Beginner
Supercharge (team) Beginner
Tag Intermediate
Team Beginner
Timewarp Advanced
Wedlock Advanced

The non-standard games are usually run during Super Sessions and other special events.