Safety Reminders

For Players' safety and enjoyment all players must be aged 7 years or above to play Lazer Blaze and must wear Joggers or Sneakers, no other footwear is acceptable.

Super Session Party

(Recommended for ages 13 & older)

This Party Package is great for Birthday Parties or Sporting Windups for ages 13 and older.  Super Session is on a Friday or Saturday night starting at 7:30pm until 10:30pm.  We recommend you have your group arrive by 7pm so that you have time to fill out your membership forms and order your favourite pizzas and drinks for later on. You must pre-book your Super Session Party.

At $36/person (minimum of 8 people, for a minimum spend $288), each person gets:

  • Super Session Admission
  • Domino's Pizzas to share
  • 450ml drink
  • Party table for the duration of the Super Session
  • Lazer Blaze Membership Card for each person


Malaga: Domino’s Pizza
Port Kennedy: Domino's Pizza
Willetton: Domino's Pizza

Each person gets a minimum of ½ pizza. We try to feed your group sometime between 8pm and 9pm.

Additional Notes

Players are not guaranteed to play in every game of the Super Session. Also, please make sure everybody is wearing joggers/sneakers.