Safety Reminders

For Players' safety and enjoyment all players must be aged 7 years or above to play Lazer Blaze and must wear Joggers or Sneakers, no other footwear is acceptable.

Ultimate Party

This Party Package is great for Birthday Parties or Sporting Windups and takes about 1 hour and 40 mins to complete.* You must have a minimum of 10 people for this package. You must also pre-book this party package.

At $28/person (minimum of 10 people, for a minimum spend $280) each person gets:

  • Two games
  • Domino's Pizzas to share
  • One 450ml drink
  • Lazer Blaze Party bag
  • Use of a party table
  • Free Lazer Blaze Membership for Birthday Person

There is no cake included but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a fridge/freezer to store it while you are playing. If you are bringing a cake please remember your knife, candles and anything else you require for the cake such as bowls, spoons etc.

A deposit may be required for larger groups and is not refundable if you cancel or move your booking with less than 21 days notice.

*15 minutes before the games to organise what food and drinks the guests would like 40 minutes for the 2 games of Lazer Blaze; 40-45 minutes afterwards at the Party Table.

The Cafe at Malaga is now closed.  Ultimate Party Meals will now be Domino's Pizza.  Coffees & Milkshakes are still be available, just no food.


Malaga: Domino's Pizza.

Port Kennedy: Domino's Pizza.

Willetton: Domino's Pizza.

Additional Notes

Extra games are played after your group eats and unfortunately we cannot guarantee use of a Party table during this time. If it's available we'd love to have you continue using it, but it's likely it will be needed for another group.

Add an extra game for $7/ person. Add two extra games for $13/person.